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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Natural Skincare "Puhas Loodus"

Hello hello! For today's post I'm doing review of skincare what was sent to me by the brand Puhas Loodus, this is Estonian natural skincare and other body related brand. It's always good to use more natural products on your skin. I got five things and I'm going to talk about them. First is Apple Peeling Deep Cleansing Cream, basicly it is face scrub. It's smells so good, freshly. Works really well, after using this my skin is so soft, not dry. Scrub beads are small and not harsh, but they do the job. Does not contain parabens, mineral oli, silicones, and synthetic colourings. Secondly I use one of the toners one is Cucumber Pore Reducer toner/lotion for oily and combination skin. As you know I have dry skin but my T-zone is more oily then rest of my face.Soothes and calms my skin after cleansing routine. Yeah, I like this toner, but I will not use it every day, it can be little bit drying. Other is Toning and balancing of alcohol -free toner apple extract and milk proteins for every skin type. I like this toner more, makes my skin clow, leaves soft and clean feeling. I really do like this toner, doesn't arritate my skin, doesn't leave sticky feeling after.Next are 24h creams, one is rose hip moisturising and protecting ,and other is chamomile moisturising and shooting cream. I like them both, they smell so nicely. I use chamomile one night time and rose hip one day time. They do feel really light but they are moisturising, I feel that they work on my skin so well. My skin has been s much more raidiant and clear and ofcourse moisturist. Both does not contain parabens, mineral olis, silicones which is good because I have sensitive skin and I don't have any problems with them.
I recommend them all! 
❃ ❀ ✿
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