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Monday, October 5, 2015

Batiste Dry Shampoos

Hey Hey! Today's post is all about Batiste dry shampoons. Generally I love dry shampoos, they refresh you hair, give some volume, make smell good. It's lifesaver if don't have time to wash your hair. But even if you find hard to do something with just washed hair, you can spray little bit of dry shampoo in it and it comes so much easier for you to do some hairstyles wtih your hair. It just gives some texture. I have 3 to talk about today.
So first one is cool&crisp fresh dry shampoo. This my favourite one out of this 3 what I have. I love the scent so much, it really reminds me of Beyonce Heat Rush parfume. And I love this parfume.
Refresher my hair perfectly, it's super good. Big big fan!
Second on is XXL volume dry shampoo. Again I really like the scent but with this one, it literally gives a lot of texture and volume. It's not best for everyday use but when you need to do hairstyle which need a lot of texture then it's nice. But this "how to use it" is different then others have.
This one says: For best results wash out rather than brush out. Usully you brush out and style, but with this one it's diffrent. So remind that! I do like it but I like others more.
Third is clean&classic orginal. This one has least favourite scent, it's fresh and lemony kind of scent. This has most lightest texture. So it super easy to belnd into your hair and it doesn't make you hair hard to work with. Does everything else that dry shampoo shude do.
And last but not least is floral & flirty blush. This is my newest. I don't have anything special to say about this one. Does the same things, only one thing, the way it's smells...Some people will love and others will not. I'm okay with it,
They come in smaller bottles as well, this one's are 200 ml.
Big bottle lasts about 2 months.
So that was my little "review" about Batiste dry shampoos.

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