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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chatty Cozy Time Talk

Hello friends! Today I just want to chat with you about christmas and more. I am biggest fan of autumn time and christmas. Now is November so it means that really soon is christmas, omg I can't wait. I actually want that I'm ill, feel like everyone is ill right now. If you are too, I hope you will get better. I'm having good time with my hot chocolate and with all my amazingly scented candles, plus with fairy lights and christmas music. Literally my room smells like christmas land, I'm not lying. I'm just too excited for christmas. It's rainy outside, but I'm inside with my blankets and pillows, it's so cozy. Don't get me wrong I love rain, I just do love it a lot. It makes me feel really calm.
I really want to make gingerbread cookies, bake a lot. Open advent calendars, that's exciting.
To write many letters and I'm excited for buying presents. To wear christmas jumpers and etc.
I'm just too too excited for holiday.
If you are having stressful time right now, then I recommend to you to make for yourself cup of tea or hot chocolate, whatever you like. Put on most comfiest socks and bottoms. Light some candles, put on your favourite music playlist or watch some movies. Get some blankets and get comfy or you can have a bath. I'm telling you one thing that it works every time for me.
Just have your "me time". 
I love gingerbread cookies! SO GOOD!
Do you like gingerbread cookies?
This is my favourite lip balm for colder months. It's Dermosil Shea Balm, best stuff for lips.
Plus I love the packaging and you need tiniest bit. So it will last a long time. And you can use it for your elbows, nose and cheeks if they are flaky  or very dry.
I just planned out my December posts, sooo exicting. I hope that you are as same excited as I am.
Love you! Have a nive Wednesday!

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