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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BeautyBlender Vs Dermoshop 3D Sponge

Hey Loves! 
So beauty sponges on all that stuff. BeautyBlender is famous  pink makeup spnoge/tool, what is been around quite long time for know. And it's quite expensice makeup sponge, around 19€. Ever since beautyblender came out, I have seen every brand doing dupes. So I decided that I want to try another spnoge. So I ordered Dermoshop 3D makeup sponge (left one), it cost 5 € which is almost 4x cheaper than beautyblender.
So I do have to say that beauty blender is better, but I'm not saying that 3D sponge is bad. I just prefer beautyblender. I did made it wet but on packaging it says that you can use it both dry or wet. And I'm honest 3D sponge doesn't really get bigger if it's wet, and I didn't see difference if it's dry or wet. One thing what is different is sponge "texture" 3D sponge is more stiff, beautyblnder is very "soft" and "squeezy". When I first used 3D sponge, one thing I notice straight away was that it was "eating" my foundation, but it did blend it out (but took more time). And I feel like I didn't get that much coverage with it. But it worked out quite well, finish look was nice. If you are not sure spending 19€ just for sponge, then it's defently worth trying out and plus it's so cheap.

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