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Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Simple Style "1"

Hello! Today's post is little bit different because I wanted to spice up my blog. I adore fashion and I thought that I should bring more fashion related posts into my blog.
So this is my "1" post about My Simple Style (shirts etc.)

I have simple and little bit boho plus edgy style. One day I will wear just oversized shirt with converse and jeans but next day I will wear something more feminine like dress. So my style is little bit of everything. I wear clothes that are comfortable and make me feel good.
First must have is oversized sweatshirt, I own quite few of them. But my favourite is actually borrowed from my dad's wardrobe and it is this khaki green one. I don't know where it's from but you can get similar ones. And with that I like to wear my denim jacket from seppälä. This combo is my got to when I want to be super comfy and cozy.
Next musthave is any flannel, I have many of them in my wardrobe. This one is from terranova. 
They are so easy to wear, they look stlylish and I like to ty them aorud my waits to make my outfit look more put together. 
Third must have is basic grey shirt with turtleneck. This one is from terranova as well. I like how easy is to style them. I can wear it as simple everyday shirt or for more sophisticated look. Just super simple and lovely shirt to have.
Ooh I love jumpers, they are super comfy and cozy. This one is from lindex, I have again many many jumpers, I just love them. I love how easy is to style them up or down. And jumpers are my go to clothing item.
Last but not least is oversized basic t-shirt. Again I own too many t-shirts because I wear them a lot. I style them with almost everything. And I can make them look more sophisticated. They are super comfy and simple. This one is from reserved. I love them!

As you just understand I like to be comfy and I like to wear more oversized clothes.
I like simplicity and comfiness. So soon I will do 2 part of this type of post, let me know if you enjoyed it.
Love you!

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