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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

GOMO Is The New Way

Hello! This time the post is little bit different- I'm talking about Going Out More Often (GOMO). Have you ever felt fear of missing out (FOMO) something on internet? This year is all about going out of your house, away from phone, computer etc. It is about having fun, making memories, enjoying your life, feeling happy, doing something new and feeling yourself. Rather than Netflix your time away. This my message to all of you- go outside and be yourself, have fun! 


If you don't have ideas what to do, then I did put together a little list of my favourites activities!

I enjoy just having walks, long or short ones. Exploring in woods etc, I find that it helps getting my mind clearer and after walk I feel so much calmer. And even better is not to take your phone with you, just leave it home.

Next activity to do could be- camping! Take your friends with you and plan everything you would need to have incredible memories. I personly love camping, it is so much fun and exciting.

Go to a festival- put togehter amazing group of people. Just go and enjoy music, food, environment etc.

Have a picnic- ohh, I love picnins. So simple and cute way to be outside.

If you like makeing events then here is perfect and easy way- eventbrite!
Eventbrite would love to help people  to make their own events in their local area! That's where the idea of GOMO came from. It came from the idea of using event planning page. Anyone who wants to create an event, now can! So if you're tired that there's no running events this month, use that and make your own! It even has options for non-profits or free events as well.

There are so many activities what you can do- find the one that suits you the best and do it. 
Remeber this year is all about GOING OUT MORE OFTEN! 

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