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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Traveling Essentials

Hello! Today I'm talking about traveling, jeey! I love traveling because it's fun and exciting, but to have good trip, you have to make sure that you did planned well and you didn't miss anything! So for that I hope I can be helpful to be as a reminder and share my essentials, perfect traveling outfit and few tips. 


Beauty essentials
 For me is traveling all about small travel sizes and small things, so I look for little smaller products etc. and ofcourse we have to remeber how much can we take on to plane. But first I always look for my testers because those are so small and it's fun to try out something new. I take with me ORIGINS eye cream and VitaZing SPF 15 energy-boosting moisturizer and L'oreal Micellar Cleansing water. My skin is already sensitive and dry, so especially I have take care of my skin when I'm traveling, so I recommend sheet mask or super hydrating/soothing face mask. As you see on the picture,  I have quite different options.  Plus it's super fun to scare people when you have face maks on, my faveorite thing to do! Other thing I like to take with me is body mist, generally I love them as everyday fragrance too, but for traveling even more! My current favorite is H&M Rose Reverie, smells so good. Must for traveling is dry shampoo, I think I don't have to say anything more about that. Last beauty essential is Isabellas's Clearly MOOD Uplifting Massage Oil, this is so good. Perfect for moments, when you need little "pick me up". Plus it is calming too, so if you feel little bit anxious, then you can put this on you wrist and behind your ears.
So those were my beauty essentials! 

Plan and plan, then you know what's going to happen and you can enjoy your trip.
Get to know the culture of the country.
Check wheater forecast and plan outfits, take only what you need to reduce over packing.
Take a caerma with you, because then yo can look back how amazing time you had.

When it comes to putting together "the perfect traveling outfit" then everyone should think about where they are going. Because I live in Estonia and we don't have the most warmest summer, then I tend to go with simple&comfy look. I have on  long sleeved shirt and comfy ZARA jeans and my favorite leather jacket. On my feet I have Nike Tanjun, super comfy. And on top I have sunglasses to hide my tired eyes.

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