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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Isabella's Clearly II

Hello! Today's post is with Isabella's Clearly. I have written about them before as well so you can read it here. All products are 100% natural. But let's get started!

Firstly, KODU (home) natural diffuser. Contains grapeseed oil, geranium essential oil, orange essential oil and lemon essential oil. So diffuser smells fresh and rightly chosen essential oils to help destress and cheer you up. The scent isn't strong, very subtle but I prefer more stronger scents and for that, I turn the sticks 3 times a week. But overall I feel like it does something and is looks pretty as well. 

Secondly, RIPS (lash) oil for stronger and longer lashes. This product is perfect for me who has very short lashes and because I like to have lash extensions, then this product saves my life. I used it for 2 weeks and I noticed the difference. My lashes were stronger and longer. Plus it is all natural and it nourishes the skin. 
Next product is SILM (eye) oil, which moistens and cools.  As I have said it many many times that I dry skin, but even for me using oil around my eyes is little too heavy. I can only use at night time and then it is fine. Oil just moistens the skin, I have not noticed anything else. I like the packaging, it is made from glass and bottle has rollerball which is cold and cooling. 

Lastly but not least is KÜÜS (nail) oil, which strengthens nails. Again I can say that this product works. I had gel nails and afterwards, my nails were quite bad and this oil made them in 1 week so much better. Nails look shiny and they are stronger now. The oil itself is runny and not heavy. My favorite way to use it is before bed because I don't like having greasy hands.

So have you tried any Isabella's Clearly products? Which ones are your favorite?

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