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Monday, July 3, 2017

Things I'm loving at the moment / Summer essentials

Hello! Today I'm talking about products/things I'm loving at the moment, plus these things are my summer essentials too.


Something that is always so important to me is a perfume/fragrance. Not just because I love to smell good but I love to have my memories with scents. You know that scents can bring memories and that's why I love to have different scents in different seasons. This summer scent is Katy Perry Royal Revolution. It is sweet but fresh, and these sorts of scents are my favourite ones.  The top notes include aromas of red pomegranate and pink freesia. Longevity is okay, little touch ups troughout the day are needed, but I don't mind it. 
Sunglasses are must-have in summer but actually, they make a very good fashion statement as well, which I like.   These particular ones were very inexpensive, only 1.99€. Quality is okay, but let's be honest we can look past it!  I think they look so nice with that beige detail. Plus they are quite comfortable too!

I have always loved these Clarins Instant Lip Perfectors, have mentioned them on my blog before too. They are just so creamy, shiny and moisturising. Pigmentation is nice, all the colours from this range are so beautiful. This nr 05 is pinky and little bit bright, just perfect for summer.  How cute is this mini size, huge fan of this lip perfectors.
Setting sprays are again must in summer. Not only they keep your make up longer on your face, but they are also so refreshing throughout the day. This Rimmel one is 2in1 setting and primer spray. I like this one because it doesn't leave that horrible sticky layer or feeling on my skin. Sets my makeup perfectly and preps it for it as well. Another thing which I like about this product is that it comes in the 100ml bottle, usually setting sprays come in 50ml bottles. But because I use it so much, I enjoy having a bigger bottle. Overall I absolutely love this 2in1 spray.
At first, I didn't like this product at all. Too orangy for me and yeah wasn't for me. But as I got some tan and needed a darker powder to set my makeup, then I give it a try and now I'm obsessed. It is not just like your usual setting powder. The texture of this one is so soft and smooth, it is not matte. It just looks so natural on the skin, gives subtle glow too.

This little guy is so handy in summer when makeup is usually melting off. Because it is waterproof (it actually is) it doesn't come off and stays all day and night long. I recommend to use it with a light hand because it is very pigmented. And use a small amount of product at once because it dries quickly. Such a handy product! 

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