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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hello! Today I am talking about evening routine and beauty sleep. Summer ends very soon and that only means school starts, which in turn means more work, trying to get all sh*t together and in all of that trying to be happy, positive and trying your best to stay motivated and productive. So I am sharing my little evening routine and how to relax and get good night sleep. Because we all know, when you are well rested you have so much better and productive day, you are happier and more motivated. 

Firstly, after a bath or shower, I highly advise you to get into your softest and cosiest clothes or pyjamas. For me, it is taking my bra off ( we all know that feeling :), putting some pyjama bottoms and just an old soft t-shirt or if it is cold, then a jumper and super soft socks. But if I want to be extra cuddly and cosy the I put on my cute robe. And when you are "dressed" for you cosy and relaxing evening then it is time to set the mood. I love to light candles and turn on my fairy lights, sometimes some music or my favourite tv show.
I am pretty sure we all know those mornings when we look into the mirror and regret taking off makeup and putting extra few minutes to pamper our skin. Please, take off your make up every night, even if you are wearing just a tinted bb-cream. I use a regular micellar water and then face wash and then I loved to use a purifying face mask or moisturising sheet mask, it depends on which state my skin is. Favourite brand for sheet masks is MITOMO, inexpensive and most important they work and for my sensitive skin, they do wonders. While I have a face mask on I have a little dance and make myself a huge cup of green/herbal tea and add some honey in it as well, green/herbal tea is good for metabolism and for having a deep good night sleep. When I'm all done with a mask, then use just an oil/serum and face cream. I try to keep my skin care simple and quick. But if I'm feeling particularly in a pamper zone then I loved to do a lip scrub, I make my own. Honey and coffee, works wonders. 
I am not a big reader, but if I tend to have an interesting book then most likely I do like to read just before bed. One of my favourite books is "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro, I cried my eyes off, in the end, it is an amazing book in my opinion. But if I don't have a book what I would love to read, then I like to pamper my skin. I moisturise my body, do my nails, put on some cuticle oil and do stuff like that. Brush my hair, put some hair oil in, sometimes I do braids, then on the next day I have waves in my hair. And that's it for evening beauty routine. Sometimes I loved to do yoga, but that doesn't happen often and I am not that good at it, but time to time I really enjoy it.
A Huge part having a great good night sleep is a good pillow and supportive mattress. Surprisingly enough, so many people are sleeping on outdated bedding and we need to be aware of which mattresses are best for us. In addition, I have heard that having silk pillowcases are good for skin and hair, but I haven't found any good quality ones to try out, so if you know any good silk pillowcases then please comment down below. Just for an extra good night sleep (if they work for you) you can use sleep sprays.

And lastly but not least turn off lights and good night, sleep well!

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