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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Long time no see

Hello everyone! Have you noticed that I haven't posted for over a month? I want to say why there has not been any posts and what I have been thinking about.

I am not going to apologise because this is not my job and I have no rules to follow but I wanted to explain still. Let's go back to June, I started thinking about purchasing a beautiful blog design to make my blog more like me and personally, I adore when blog itself has a good design, it makes it more readable and interesting, of course, it looks stunning visually as well. For a few months, I put that idea on a side because the market has many gorgeous designs and then I wasn't sure what I even wanted. So when September came around I knew it for sure that I want to change the design and I started searching. I got so excited about relaunching my blog and one of the reasons why I haven't been active is that I wanted so badly to have the new look and to "come back" with "fresh" content.  Finally, I found this design that my blog has now, I couldn't be happier with this! This break, I guess I will call it like that, wasn't planned at all, I even had planned content for September and October, but I guess life doesn't go always like we plan. 
Blogging is my passion and for now I sure that I won't stop doing it. These "breaks" that come time to time are not because I don't want to do it anymore but sometimes we all can feel a bit unmotivated or our lives are already full and fast-paced that it is hard to find time for the passion(s). I am kind of a perfectionist and when I am not 100% happy with anything, most likely I won't share it. I am a student and most of the time of a day I spend in classes and evenings I spend studying, relaxing etc. so I can't say that I have fast-paced lifestyle but still we all have the stuff to do. 
I hope that this short explanation made things clearer, at least I feel now better that I told you why I didn't post anything.

But I am excited to be "back" and I hope that you are too! See you soon!
- With love 

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