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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas holiday

Hello! Today I am talking about Christmas holiday activities. Christmas is time for being with the close ones, enjoying each other companies, helping others. Eating incredible food, listening to the classics. It is time to enjoy yourself and a have a memorable time. 

Make your house into Christmas wonderland

If you haven't had time to decorate your house, room etc yet, then it is time to do that! Decorating is so much fun, I love to do it with my family, put on some Christmas music and enjoy. I love to put fairy lights on the walls and on the tree, basically, I actually have fairy lights throughout the year out, but if you especially love them on Christmas time then put them everywhere. Change the bedding, add some cute pillows. Add candles and some ornaments throughout the house. Make your dinner table extra fancy, add gorgeous candles etc. Last but not least put the reef on the door. 

Be kind and do good

Christmas is about noticing other people, helping them, making each other happy and this beautiful time is even more beautiful. Do good and you will feel amazing, helping someone that needs help is the most incredible gift you can give. In my opinion, it is the most valuable. That can be anything, helping homeless kids, pets, helping neighbours, being apart of charity, there are so many ways to help others that need help. Be kind and do good!

Collect memories

Taking pictures is so much fun, but in my opinion so important as well. Looking back to those happy times, that makes me so happy. 
If you haven't had a photoshoot, it doesn't have to be a fancy one, with your family then that is something I feel is a must. Family pictures are the best, funniest and most valuable to look back. Just take pictures, you won't regret it.  For example, in my family, we love to take pictures of our Christmas tree every year, and we love to look back which ones we had throughout the years.
Have stroll around the city/old town

When it hit the first December, basically all the cities and old towns started to look amazing and so Christmassy. I absolutely love to have a stroll around the old town, it is so beautiful and romantic. Take a time off, buy a delicious chai latte (it is my favourite) / hot drink and just enjoy yourself or being with family, friends or boyfriend.
 Kids are loving Christmas so much, playing around, having snow fights. Have a snow fight as well if you are that brave, I love it. 

Christmas party

I love going to Christmas parties. I can make myself look at my best, wear my heels and dress. I every girl/woman needs it.  Plus having a good company around you and being grateful for them is so important. 
Just enjoy this magical time!

I felt like writing this small post because Christmas is my favourite and it is not about presents, but about having a memorable time, enjoying it and helping others. 
I wish you all Merry Christmas!

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