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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Evening skincare routine with GMT Beauty

Hello! I hope that you had an incredible Christmas, mine was absolutely filled with joy and love. But today I am talking about my evening skincare routine, it is quick & simple. GMT Beauty has been one of my favourite brands throughout this year and I truly love their products, that's why I love working with them.

The first step is always cleansing and for that, I use Moist & Clean foam. I have mentioned it on my blog few times, and that for reasons, for more click here. This Moist & Clean foam does exactly what it says, leaves the skin moist and clean. I can't stand foams that leave my skin dry. This foam is very gentle, I use it all over my face, eyes too. Takes off makeup and cleanses skin. Quick, effective and gentle- what else would I need?


I wrote a review about Shiseido Cleansing Massage brush quite long time ago, you can read it here. This is so handy, I love to take good care of my skin, but sometimes I feel way too lazy to massage my face for 1-2minutes with my fingers. These face brushes are so good for doing a better job of cleansing the skin and being quick at the same time. So this Shiseido Cleansing Massage brush is most of the times my little helper. 

The second step is serum - Deep Moisturizing & Revitalizing serum. Again I have written about it, you can read it here. I like this serum because it absorbs quickly, it has a very light texture, more like a gel texture. I enjoy using it, I look forward to using it after washing my face.

The third step is moisturiser and for that is use Intensive Firm & Lift cream, for more click here. I am not using it because I want to lift my skin, not at all because of that. I have this weird skin type, it is combination and dry. Deep down my skin is so dry and especially evening skin care routine has to be for me more intensive. This cream has a thick consistency but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It feels like a boost of hydration and that's why I love to use it. Plus it so gentle on the skin and I have very sensitive skin. I have to be careful with the products that I use on my skin.
I really recommend this cream, my mum loved it too and  I even love to use it under the makeup sometimes. It is a beautiful luxury cream. 

*Products were gifted.

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