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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Things I am loving

Hello! Finally, it is December! So exciting, I love vlogmases, Christmas, cosy time and so on. But today I am sharing my current favourites. I don't do monthly favourites that often, also I don't have every month new skin care or new products to share so current favourites is the best option for me. 

Firstly, a good fragrance is a must for me. For this winter it is James Bond 007 I for her. James Bond 007 II is one of my all time favourites, you can read My top three perfumes and actually, the III one came out as well, looks so beautiful and I already know that if this one is empty I am going to buy the James Bond 007 III for her. I love how it is a little bit musky and sexy. I definitely recommend all them to try out.
Garnier Micellar water is must-have for me, quick & easy. Takes makeup so effortlessly off and leaves skin soft. I even like to use it sometimes for spot cleaning for makeup brushes, for example when eyebrow brush is too stuffed with eyebrow gel or lip brush has a red on it but I want to use nude, then micellar water helps perfectly. 

Rexona Invisible black + white is again must-have for this party season when most of us are wearing dresses or beautiful blouses for Christmas parties. There's nothing worse than having white marks on your gorgeous dress. This keeps me cool, smells great and I don't have to worry about any white marks.
JOIK Deep Moisturising Salve has been just saviour for me. Around this time runny nose is quick to come, so this has helped dry skin around my nose. And not only for that is this a saviour but also for lips, natural oils are the best. 

Wet & Wild Photofocus foundation is again just perfect for this party season when we all like to collect our memories. I have written a more depth review, you can read it here
I really enjoy the texture, it is more liquidy but it has medium to full coverage. Plus is it from drugstore, which means it is affordable.
I hope that your December started in the cosiest mood and I hope that you enjoyed reading this little post about my current favourites that I have been loving.  
I am so excited for Christmas, I just love it! 


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