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Thursday, December 28, 2017

TOP 5 hair care products

Hello! Today I am talking about my TOP 5 hair care products that are must-have for me daily bases. I have bleached hair, naturally, I have brown wavy hair that used to be when I was younger absolutely straight but when I turned about 14 my hair got quite wavy and frizzy. I have had ombre for three years and this summer I cut my hair 12cm shorter, so now I have middle length hair. My hair has maintained very well, in my opinion, considering that I have damaged it many times. 

Macadamia Blow Dry Lotion- I have used it almost two years and this shows how long it lasts, I still have quite a bit left. I use it every time when I blow dry my hair, it makes my hair less frizzy, protects it from heat and keeps the style that I am going to do better in place. 

As I already said, it lasts for a long long time because you need to use the tiniest amount, less than a pump. Even when I had long hair, I used less than a pump. Don't use too much of it, it can make hair a bit sticky. 
It is something that I always need for my hair when I am styling it. I find that it is exactly 3-in-1 (hair oil, styling products and heat protection).

A lightweight lotion that gives a smooth, silky finish with heat protection. Provides thermal and UV protection plus humidity control. Keeps hair hydrated with no flyaways.
(Taken from here)

If you haven't tried it then I recommend it 100% if you want a 3-in-1 product and which isn't too pricey either.

Hair oil is something that my hair can't live without. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is my new discovery, I almost have used up the other Dove hair oil called Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-oil, I love that one too. Usually, I have used more expensive hair oils because I haven't found any good ones at the drugstore but the Dove ones have surprised me. 

Hair feels so smooth, soft and looks so shiny, hair doesn't feel heavy or sticky. With oils you never need a lot, a small amount goes a long way. It is just a good hair oil, like hair oil should be. 


Lemongrass House Jasmine & Mandarin Orange Shampoo, for more click here. This shampoo has changed my hair, and I am not even kidding. My hair was so frizzy and definitely dry but since I have been using it and I am almost out of it, my hair has been so soft and smooth. It smells so nice as well.  I haven't had this result ever like how my hair looks and feels after I have washed it and when I haven't put any products on it. I am obsessed with this shampoo. I not sure if the reason why I love this shampoo so much is that it is sulphate free and paraben free but it could be the reason why my hair loves this shampoo. 

Inebrya No-Yellow Shampoo as I mentioned I have kind of ombre/balayage hair and I like to keep it fresh and not yellow. I really love subtle grey with brown hair, this shampoo is a life saviour for me. It cuts down my hairdresser appointments, which in turn means keeping my hair healthier and saving money and colour looks fresh. I never used to believe in purple shampoos but this one actually does work, I keep it on my hair 4-5 minutes every two washes. You can use it every time when you wash your hair but I find that I don't need to use that often. It smells so lovely as well, I like it but I think that the scent is a quite love-and-hate thing.

L'oreal Studio Line Hot & Straight Heat Spray is must whenever I straighten my hair. I absolutely love to have sleek straight hair time to time and this L'oreal spray is my best friend in those times. It is so inexpensive and works wonders. 


Let me know what are your hair must-have products, I would love to know!


  1. Ma leidsin lausa 3 enda lemmik juuksetoodet siit postitusest: Macadamia kreem, Ice Cream shampoon ja Dove õli. Ma isegi ei mõelnud selle peale, et ka pruunide juustega (kellel on ombre) võiksid seda shampooni kasutada. See minu jaoks täielik elupäästja, sest vastasel juhul oleksin täitsa kollase peaga. Ning see Macadamia kreem kestab tõesti kaua! Dove õli on minu jaoks ka täiesti samaväärne (või isegi parem) mõne kallima brändi õliga.

  2. Dove õli on tõesti hea! Minu juuksur soovitas kasutada Ice Cream šampooni, et ma ei peaks teda iga kahe kuu tagant külastama, elupäästja tõesti!:)

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