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Saturday, February 17, 2018

New in: Lemongrass House

Hello! Today I am talking (again) about Lemongrass House. I can't help it, I just enjoy their products more and more as I try. I have talked about Lemongrass here and here.

Greentea Foaming Face Cleaners

I have that hate and love type of relationship with this foaming face cleaners. Most of them dry out my skin and leave my skin irritated. But this green tea on is so calming on the skin and doesn't irritate my skin.  This foaming face cleaner has pure clary sage essential oil, green tea (ofc), witch hazel, turmeric and aloe vera extracts. It is for normal/combination skin and perfect for acne prone as well. 
I have been enjoying it so much, takes even makeup so easily off and cleans skin perfectly, leaves it so fresh.

Thai Pomelo Facial Toner

Lemongrass House facial toners are so nice, they aren't just water that feels refreshing but they actually work. It moisturises skin, gives a glow, vitamin c is perfect for brightening the skin. And again, good for blemishes too, it has witch hazel in it.

Lavender shower gel

Lemongrass House products are natural and so gentle on the skin. In winter my eczema get's very irritated and dry and these Lemongrass House shower gels are perfect. Almost out both of them, read here. Lavender is relaxing and calming, so I love to use it in the evenings. Big fan of these shower gels.

Lavender Hand Soap

It is just a liquid hand soap, but it doesn't leave my hands feeling dry, actually it kind of moisturisers them. Again, in the lavender scent, I really enjoy lavender by the way.

Get's the job done - that's all I need from a hand soap.

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