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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Hello! This time I am talking about something that has been always around in every lifestyle but especially right now in the blogging world there has been so much jealousy. I wanted to write about this topic because I find it is so important to courage and support each other.


Why (you) should be jealous, rude if someone is doing well and being proud of themselves?

I guess all of us do this (blogging) for something, everyone has their own reason(s). But if someone (blogger) has worked hard for what they have now and where they stand with their work, why (you) can't do that. You can work as hard as they did to get there where they are now. Bloggers are different, some of them just stand out more than others but those who are not as known, we can't put them off for that. We have to courage them and we should give them a change being famous doesn't come overnight it takes lots of love and hard work. 

And basically the same with those who are well known and successful bloggers, it is so ignorant to blame them for that. As I said, they have worked their as* off to be where they are today. If you are a blogger and you are proud of yourself that you have accomplished so much and you show that you are proud and happy with whatever it is. In my opinion, it isn't a bad thing to do and I wish that people (and other bloggers) should not start picking on that. We all (bloggers) do basically the same thing and we almost have the same goals. In the end, we are just one big group of passionate people that do something that they love and share a passion for beauty, fashion, travelling, fitness etc. 

I just can not get my head around jealousy, it is a stupid thing for me. I wish that we, bloggers all around wherever we are, could be supportive, kind, and helpful in some sort of way to each other. Our community is so vibrant, but we all share something common and only for that reason we should keep us going in a positive and supportive direction. 

It doesn't matter - well known or a small blogger. There's no need for anybody to be rude and build a jealousy and negativity around something that is actually a positive. And if (you) find that (you) are a bit jealous then the only way to make your life better is to turn the jealousy into happiness and kindness. And in a long-term you will find yourself being so much more confident in what you are doing, you don't put your energy into being jealous and you can focus 100% on yourself and on your blog, goals, life. 
It takes time, practice to start living and building a happy life, confident life. Because let's be honest, jealousy doesn't just come, it has been stuck and accumulated in (you) and it wants to get out of (your) mind and it causes negativity. But if  (you) start to live that confident life and (you) are happy with yourself and with the work that (you) do, (you) don't find yourself being noisy and pissed off for somebody's success, (you) actually start to feel happy for them and that's the key to make our blogging world better.


Overall, I feel that there has been way too much negativity, jealousy in our community. I wish that all of us could take a look at themselves, take a few minutes to understand that we all are almost just as friends and there's no need to be against each other.

With love.

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