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Monday, April 16, 2018

Chatty again

Hello! It is finally Spring, isn't that exciting? I am so happy, the sun is out, the weather is nice and actually surprisingly warm. Today I'm just feeling chatty and decided not to talk about beauty. 

Summer is right away a corner and that makes me even happier. As I am a student, I think it is very easy to understand why I am that excited. When it was winter time, it was so hard to blog and do photos but now it is still light at eight o'clock and that gives no reason why not to go outside and make some cool pictures and content.  I am enjoying blogging so much right now, my happy place. Love to make a cup of  English tea and put on my favourite music for background and just write and write. Another thing that I am enjoying is editing pictures, I find it to be weirdly relaxing. It is so cool how pictures just transform in minutes. I am really trying to get better at editing, this is one of my goals this year. As I have said it before, I love if a blog looks visually beautiful. I tend to scroll hours and just enjoy some of the blogs out there which have just incredible pictures, that is a next level skill. I find it to be a huge bonus if a blog has on point pictures and of course a good content. 
What are my plans in general? Hm, I hope to do many photo shoots, because I enjoy them and as I said I enjoy editing.  Plus I hope to try out and talk about new brands that I haven't yet had a chance to try. Actually aren't these plans quite basic? I guess they are...but it doesn't matter because I think that those plans when they will become a reality, then they will be pretty good, hopefully...And I am quite sure that you guys will enjoy those blog posts as much I enjoy making and putting those together.
I have few new different ideas in my head but I am not exactly sure when they will be up but most likely in the Summer.


Jeans: Zara / Blouse: H&M / Trainers: Nike / Jacket: New Yorker / Bag: House

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