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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Hello! Today I am sharing my current skincare routine. I haven't talked about skin care almost for a month. As I beauty blogger my skin care routine quite often changes, because I have a chance to try so many new products and of course I love to do that. So this is my current skincare routine!


1. Remove makeup
I always start my skincare routine with taking my makeup off with some sort of makeup removal. Usually, I used Garnier Micellar water, but I thought that why not to try this more than just famous Bioderma Micellar water. I have to admit that I cannot see almost any difference in this micellar water and in the Garnier one. But it doesn't actually matter to me, I am happy if it takes off my makeup and doesn't irritate my skin. 

2. Wash the makeup off
If you have read my blog more than just once then I sure that you have noticed that I adore Lemongrass House products. You can read my blog posts about Lemongrass House products here & here. I loved their Green Tea Foaming Face Cleanser, but I ran out of it and then I got White Orchid one. Love it too. I find that these foams are not drying on the skin and they leave my skin clean and balanced.

3. Face mask
I don't do it every time when I take my makeup off, but 1-2 times I like to pamper my skin by doing a deep cleansing face mask. Turbliss Bioactive Mask is I feel like my new favourite face mask, it makes my skin glowy and balanced. I have a very sensitive skin and I haven't had any problems with this mask. This mask is vegan, 100% natural and handmade and Turbliss is Estonian brand.  

4. Face cream
If it is morning then I only use face cream and my current choice is LUMI Antioxidant day cream. It is full of herbal ingredients with beneficial effects that are scientifically proven. This cream does everything that my skin needs. Works under makeup too, so just a good face cream. Free from parabens, mineral and silicone oils. (Researched and developed jointly with Estonian universities).

5. Face oil
Almost every night I use a face oil, just to add more moisture and glow. Sometimes I mix face oil with my cream and other times I use it on top of the cream. This MOSSA Vitamin Oil Cocktail face oil is my current choice. It is full of vitamins that restore radiance and moisture. It is quite light for oil, which I find to be working better right now for my skin. It smells like a candy. I haven't yet seen I big difference but I just started using it. 

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and maybe you found something new to try out!



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