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Saturday, April 7, 2018

GMT Beauty Home Spa

Hello! Today I am talking about GMT Beauty. One of my favourite brands to try and talk about. This post is all about pampering the skin. 

Body Oils
GMT Beauty body oils are for relaxing, good forrelieving stress and of course for massage purposes, some of them can be used on the face as well. I find body oil to be so luxury product to use after a shower. They moisturise my dry skin so beautifully. Of course, they are oils, so they are heavier and don't absorb as quickly as a lotion but I find them to be more effective. 

Body concept Massage Oil with peppermint oil.  This oil has a subtle and sweet scent, it is so relaxing.  If it is used regularly it improves skin elasticity and keeps the skin firm. It can be used on stretch-marks, as well on the face. I find it to be perfect at the end of the long day after I have showered. I massage it all over my body on the half-wet skin and put on some pyjamas, go to sleep and the oil can do its magic.

Natura concept Cinnamon & Ginger Massage Oil. This oil is so cosy, at least it makes me feel so cosy and warm. Ginger and cinnamon have a slight warming effect on the skin. As well it improves microcirculation, it is surprisingly easily absorbing too. I feel like it would be perfect for autumn and winter time. 

Lemongrass & Grapefruit Massage Oil. This oil out of the other two ones has a fresh scent and it is refreshing. I prefer to use it in mornings. It is very moisturising and also it can be used on the face as well. 


Body gel
Body concept Nourishing GelThis gel absorbs so quickly, it basically absorbs in seconds. It claims to be suitable for dry and damaged skin but I have to be honest, I like this gel a lot because it is so light and refreshing on the skin but I hoped that it would be more hydrating. 

*Click on the names for more information. I try to put every time links but I don't know if you guys have noticed that.


I love to do masks, perfect way to pamper yourself. GMT Beauty masks are both for face and body. We should not only take care of our face skin but also the skin that is on our body. Doing masks all over the body is actually so pampering and fun, especially when it's done with friends. I love to go to a sauna and I would do a hair mask, face & body mask. GMT Beauty masks come in a powder form, so you add water and powder, mix it together and it is ready to use. I don't find them to that messy at all. I kind of enjoy mixing it. 

Antiage Concept Rejuvenating Mask. This mask is a peel-off mask and I find that it drys quickly (about 5-6min) but it is said on the "bottle" 10-15min. If I let it dry for 15minutes than it is hard to remove it but if I let it dry for 6 minutes then it comes off as a "layer of gel". It is hard to describe but it feels so nice on the skin, very moisturising and leaves my skin plump and soft.

Antiage Concept Chocolate Mask.  This mask is my favourite, it is for the body not for the face. Obviously one of the reasons why I love this mask is that it smells just like a chocolate with a hint of rose in it. It is so stress-relieving and makes me happy. Plus the smells lingers on my body all night and it helps me sleep better. Secondly, it leaves my skin so soft and moisturised, I sometimes don't even use a lotion or an oil after doing it.  

Natura Concept Fat Burning & Slimming Algae Mask. This mask is perfect for upcoming summer. I haven't yet used it so I can not say anything about how feels and what it does. But still, I wanted to mention it in this post in case that anybody would be interested.
I hope that you enjoyed reading this post about pampering the skin! 
*Products were gifted by GMT Beauty.


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