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Thursday, May 3, 2018


Hello! Have you ever wondered how somebody can be so happy and full of energy all the time and at the same time they are successful and productive...Oh, I have and many times. I love to meet people who have a positive mindset and they have this good energy around them, plus they make me motivated. People who inspire me to be a better person and to be happier about all those little things, these people are gems. So today's topic is "How I stay happy & keep positive mindset".

Let's start with the basic, all of us are different and in that case, all of us live their lives differently. But in this post, I am sharing my own tips and ways how I keep myself happy and what has worked for me. 

Stop worrying about everything
I used to worry about every little single thing that had something to do with me. I was always thinking that if I can not do that and what happens if... You know those questions. And one day I felt like it is ridiculous and bad for my mental health to worry about everything and to ask those questions all the time. I love to say to myself when I start to worry a bit " everything will be always fine" and this sentence has been with me since I was 14. It is okay to worry, but if it gets way too much, then let it go. You can handle thing perfectly and trust yourself. 

Self-love is something that is a must if I want to live a happy life. For me, if I am not happy with myself then I can not be happy with my life. I stopped being rude to myself, stopped thinking that I am way too fat to be a beautiful girl. Instead of putting myself down with those thoughts, for example, I signed to the gym or something like that. I started building healthy habits and I can say 100% that I am happy with the way I look and feel inside. I am not saying that I am perfect and things cannot be better, absolutely not. I am still working on myself but I am not longer so touch. Just love yourself, then you can love others.

I am very picky about who I trust and who I talk to. I don't let people, who have a negative mindset and they are just shiftless, into my life. They usually can bring my happiness down and they don't let me be happy with my life. I am not telling that I don't talk to people who don't have a happy and "successful" life, I want to help them in that case. But I want to say that, you can choose who you are friends with and who you let into your life and how much they can affect your happiness.

The will to be better 
When I was in my proper teenage time, I wasn't the nicest person at all. But everything comes back, so if I was rude, then somebody else was rude to me. I was so over with being an unpleasant person. I wanted to be kind, obliging, sweet and so on. I just wanted to be a better person, I wanted to be someone who shines and spreads a positivity. And again, don't take it word for word. But I had that image in my head and as I said it to my self over and over again, it kind of started affecting me. I am a good person and I am not ego when I say that. Because I wanted to be a better person, due that I am today a happy girl. I don't feel rancour, jealousy etc. 

Bad days are absolutely necessary
Everybody has those bad days when just everything goes wrong and anything doesn't work out. But those days are normal, they are necessary because then I can appreciate those good days. I have my downtime to get up again and do things even better. If I only would have good days then I feel like I wouldn't know how to enjoy them. So remind yourself that bad days are normal and everything will be always fine. 

Overnight changes - hmm.. don't know many of those. If you want to be a happy person and you want to have a positive mindset, then keep doing what works for you. A positive mindset is one of the hardest things to get and to keep. I do those things that I just talked about. It is your life and what you do, affects you the most. My choice was to live a happy life and to have positive mindset and yes, I have my bad days, I worry about some of the things and yes, I still somehow end up with people who don't have a positive mindset and they bring me down but in spite of all of that I still keep my positive mindset going strong and I will always say to myself "everything will be always fine". 

I hope that this blog post was helpful in any shape or form. 



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