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Monday, July 9, 2018


Hello! Today I am talking about our family vacation to Turkey. I love travelling, it is one of those rare "things" that gives such an incredible feeling and so many memories to look back on. Taking time off is so important and letting yourself go from all of the negativity and media is a must. Take a cup of tea and I hope that you enjoy!



We stayed in Dosinia Luxury Resort around Kemer. Gorgeous nature, breathtaking mountains and sea. I absolutely fell in love with those huge mountains that surrounded the hotel and we had that same view from our hotel room as well, which was just perfection to wake up to. Approximately 100m from the hotel was a Mediterrain Sea, so salty, rocky but so refreshing.  Perfect location to relax had few markets around as well that we discover when we went for an evening walks. We didn't go anywhere else, we just enjoyed and relaxed. We didn't want to have adventures vacation because we had little kids with us. Plus it was children friendly place, exactly what we wanted. Kids had so much fun, few water slides, a playground and four pools. I was so glad that we chose this place to have our vacation, it was amazing and as the locals say "Dosinia is the new love" and it truly is. 


As I already said that the place was breathtaking then, the people there were so kind and positive. The day started with a good jam and ended with cools shows. I loved that sunrise was around 6 o'clock but the sunset around 21 o'clock and then it was pitch black. That was different to me, cause in Estonia we have quite white nights in a Summertime. Of course the wheater 36 degrees most of the days I loved that. It felt just like time had stopped and everything was easily enjoyable and I didn't have to worry about missing out. Everything was so relaxed and chilled out. So vibes were just on point. The culture was of course so different, but I enjoyed it. I wasn't the biggest fan of their national desserts but at least I tried them. 


Taking time off is one of the most important things for me when I want to feel truly happy. I don't know what that place did with me but I felt so completed and so happy with everything.  Whatever is going on in your personal life, if you have a chance then take your time off and just let it all go and feel the energy coming back to you. I had one of the best times of my life in Turkey and those memories when I think about them, they fill me with joy and happiness.  I feel happier than ever and also motivated. 


Family to me is everything, being together, plus having such a good time, it's priceless. Value the time you have with them. The biggest supporters and the ones that are there for me when I need them. Especially my big sister, a partner in crime. Those memories that we all have now are filled with loved and we all had such a great time and explored the world together.  It was my little sister's first flight and it felt good to be with her and to see how excited she was about it all. Yeah, it is priceless to do things with them.


I am so happy girl, loved every second of that.


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