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Thursday, February 28, 2019


It has been quite a long time since I have posted something on my blog. I know that I do not have to apologize but I still want to explain a little about why I have been away and what are my plans for LAURIINAKE. 

Blogging is my passion, I love to talk about beauty and share any thoughts that I have on my own platform. In fact, LAURIINAKE is now 4 years old and in general, I have blogged for 5 years. It is quite a bit of time and I am more than grateful what LAURIINAKE has brought me and all those cooperations that I have had, I am speechless. Maybe you are thinking that I am quitting blogging and I have lost my motivation to do it but actually I am not quitting anything.



As I already mentioned I am a student, an 18-year-old young girl. I have to be honest it is sometimes too much to handle. I love to blog and I want to do it as best as I could. For me, it has been always quantity<quality. If I post something on my blog I want it to have good imagery and not just a few sentences to read quickly but meaningful sentences. I do not know how it is for other bloggers but it takes me approximately 2 hours to put together just one blog post. I have to choose what is my priority is at the moment. Yes, I wish I could have enough time for my blog to post at least 2-3 blog post every month but in reality, I don't. The reason why I have been away is exactly that I just can not split myself between school and my blog. I have to take not just days or weeks but months off from blogging to not get wrapped myself into too many things and to keep stress levels as low as I can. 


Photographer: IG @dreamer_moonchild


I have to say that unfortunately not fully. I am taking time with blog posts that I want to upload and I am going to post as much as I feel like. Exams are just around the corner and that is exciting but also time-consuming. I have thought about starting all over again, deleting all the posts that I have written over the 4 years but I feel that actually wouldn't help. I would have a blank space. All what I have done would be gone then. That's not what I want and sometimes I just need to take time off. 

Let's be honest every blogger loses sometimes motivation. We do things over and over again, we write the same sentences many times and as a blogger, it can be hard to get out of that spinning circle. It is not easy to find new ways to write about beauty products or fashion but it is definitely worth to try something new. It helps not to get stuck in a routine. Also, breaks are just so needed to recharge and gather thoughts on what to change and how I could do better. 

To sum up, I am uploading only those blog posts which I am 100% happy with and I am focusing on the quality, not the quantity.


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