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Thursday, March 28, 2019


I absolutely love skin care products, there is just something about those mornings & evenings when I can give myself a little pampering.  Taking care of the skin is just a must and I have loved and used GMT Beauty products almost for three years. It is a brand that has stuck with me since I first worked with them. I adore the simplicity and quality. I know that they do not harm my skin or irritate it. Just a little side note I have very sensitive skin and I choose my skin care products carefully. They do not have to be expensive or anything high-end - the only thing that matters is that they would not do any harm to my skin.




This is their newest face cream and I am glad that it has an SPF 20. It means that is an absolutely perfect day cream. It moisturises, protects the skin and leaves a nice canvas for the makeup. I have loved their Intensive Firm & Lift Cream for two years, super hydrating and I enjoy their new Protective Day Cream SPF as much. 

First of all,  it does not contain chemical filters, parabens and other harmful preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrances. It has Karanja oil in it and this oil formula contains unsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for the skin, which is one of the main sources of vitamin E and carotenoids – which delay premature ageing of the skin. As I already mentioned that leaves a perfect canvas for makeup it also has light reflecting particles which leave the skin healthy looking & glowing.





Firstly, GMT Beauty has quite a few masks in their range but mostly for professional use. These new masks are perfect for every day, no need to mix them with water or to do anything else. Simple and easy to use. 

Moisturising & Glowing Gel Mask and Vitamin Energy Boost Mask are very similar for the texture and what they do. Both are very hydrating and smoothing. Personally, I can't tell a difference between these two. If you are deciding to try any of these masks then I recommend to just buy one of them and see which one you would prefer. Vitamin Energy Boost Mask mimics the wrinkles and provides an instant lifting effect, it is more anti-ageing. Moisturising & Glowing Mask is very hydrating and light to the texture and on the skin. Even feels a bit cooling on the skin.



This one is my definitely my favourite out of the three. Firstly, it is a cream mask and secondly, I find that this gives instant results. As the name itself says it is youthifying cream mask that means it is extremely moisturising, nourishes the skin. This mask has a rich combination of oils, such as Chia oil and Babasu, which prevent dehydration. Skin feels plumped and is super soft afterwards.

I tend to leave it on my skin for more than 15 minutes, I enjoy even using it as an overnight mask, it doesn't glogg my pores. At first, it can have a little stickiness on the skin but after a few minutes, it feels like a usual rich moisturiser.




Toner is something that has recently come into my routine but I enjoy that little step that tones the skin and removes that last bit of makeup. GMT Beauty Purifying Face Tonic is for my combination skin that gets a few hormonal breakouts perfect. It is gentle, doesn't make my skin feel tight. It has a little bit of gel texture but it doesn't leave any film on the skin. 99,7% of the ingredients are herbal which are rich in antioxidants, also, fight against free radicals and protect against the damaging effects of UV radiation.



As this time quite a lot of us have a runny nose, dry lips and maybe even eczema on the hands than this is must have, a little life saver. It has hemp oil, cranberry oil and beeswax. It feels really nice on the lips and isn't greasy. As I have eczema basically all over my body then this heals those dry flaky areas of skin. It might be quite pricey for this little tin but it is natural and if you want to have just a little bit something "fancier" then why not. I use it every day and it does the job absolutely well.



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