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Monday, January 11, 2021


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As you read the title already, I am talking about my hair care routine. Not only just about the products that I use, but also my hair journey. So I hope you enjoy reading this blog post!

My natural hair is this ashy brown, not thin or thick, I would say I have very fine hair. I have had fairly long hair that was in an ombre style for some years and all brunette too. I grew my long hair for my whole life, I remember that I watched like every possible "hair care routine" or "how to grow your hair"  video on Youtube. I was obsessed with the thought that I want to have long shiny hair. So eventually I had long hair but as long hair is not the easiest to manage, the ends got dry and almost 10 cm of my hair were lifeless. So in 2017 summer, I decided to cut off 15cm and I loved blond hair then, so I got a new colour as well. I loved the change. Do not get me wrong, I loved my long hair but they were very damaged. I enjoyed my new hairstyle, it looked fresh. 

As I just mentioned, I loved blond hair, to be exact I loved blond highlights. It is very hard to go brunette to blond. So I slowly got more and more highlights and at the end of 2018 and whole of 2019, I had very blond hair. I tried to grow my hair little bit but it was almost impossible - bleach just did not let it happen. I would say my hair wasn't in the worst condition but I was not happy with it anymore. I refreshed my blond for the last time in March of 2020. I had very beautiful light blond hair - it took 1,5 years. In summer (2020) my roots were obviously grown out and I just was not feeling my blond dry hair anymore. It may be looked good and shiny when I styled it but at the natural state, I just did not like my hair at all.  So I had a little thought in June that maybe I will dye my hair dark brown and that thought brought me to the change. 


2020 of August I went dark brown. Now, five months later I do not regret anything. I had a few reasons why I decided to do that. One of them was my dry bleached hair that just did not grow because the ends always broke. Secondly, I needed a change. Months later from my first hair dying, my hair is even darker and deeper brown - I love it!

I am trying to grow my hair long again and for that, I knew that I have to have good hair care routine but not just good products, also vitamins and not washing my hair every day. My hair care routine is so simple and not fancy at all. I do not do anything special or different - just saying. 

You can look at pictures of my hair through the years on Instagram @Lauriinake. 

I use shampoo, conditioner, mask, hair serum/oil, heat protection and that is it. For my shampoo and conditioner, I use HASK Biotin Boost. The formula is colour safe, sulfates & parabens free, contains collagen and coffee. I leave the conditioner on my hair for about 3 minutes, sometimes even longer for extra moisture and softness. One huge thing that I changed is I stopped using the cheapest shampoos and conditioners. The reason for that is my hair would not stay clean. I mean by that in one day my hair would be greasy again. Overall, if you want your hair to stay cleaner for longer, you just have to "train" your hair. Do not wash them every day and use sulfates & parabens free products.


I have used HASK shampoo and conditioner just over one month and I have fallen in love. I really enjoy that my hair is actually softer and not just glazed with a silicone layer. Also, I like the more natural scent that is not overpowering. I do not have to straighten my hair after drying my hair because my hair is soft and shiny. I used to use blowdryer and straightener together to get silky hair. 


One product that has stayed with me over a year now is Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum. I recommend this hair serum to everybody because it just works so well. It is not the cheapest one, costs around 33 euros, but it lasts over a year. I have used many serums and oils, loved some of them and disliked a lot of them. I think why I love this serum that much is because it is like oil serum, not just a thick oil. Also, it is heat protectant too. One pump is more than enough, hair feels instantly softer, looks glossier and smell great. I use Super Skinny serum almost every day, I just love it. As I mentioned that this serum is also a heat protectant, I want to say that I still use every weak curler, straightener or blow-dryer. I just try to use it less and by that I mean when I really need them. I just want to add one more product that I use when I am curling my hair - Loreal Elvive No Haircut cream. Makes my curls stay longer and the products smell good. 

Maybe you are thinking do I use hair masks? Yes, I do. I just use and try out so many different ones. Right now I do not have a mask that I really like, so I am not going to mention that one.

Thank you for reading this long blog post! I hope you enjoyed it.  




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