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Sunday, February 7, 2021


Today's post is about January and December favourites. Some of these products I have been using since summer and still use them on daily bases. Maybe you will find some new things do try out. I hope you enjoy reading this post!


This is my first Lancome mascara that I have ever tried and luckily it made it to my favourites. So Santa was very kind and knew that I love beauty.  If you have read my other posts then you may know that I have been trying to grow my eyelashes. I have been using for a few weeks new serum (it's called FEG) as well, but I will talk about it maybe in the other posts. I wanted to say that the combination of the serum and this mascara is surprisingly good. I have never loved my eyelashes this much.  One thing that bothers me, is that it smudges. sometimes I get black smudging on the eyelids, especially when I wear it all day long.  So keep that in mind if you want to purchase it. 


I would say that I have started to love lip pencils, I used them before but not that often at all. For the past 3-4 months, I have used them every time I do a soft glam look. This specific nude pink shade has been used the most. I generally like Nyx lip pencils, because they cost around 2,5€ to 5€ and they are reasonably good. It is just a lip pencil, so I don't have a lot to say, but comment down blow what brand lip pencils you use the most. 



Where do I begin... I absolutely love this cc cream. Firstly, it has SPF 20, which is a huge plus, because this product is perfect for everyday makeup. SPF is such a big factor in skincare and also in makeup. We tend to forget how important is to protect our skin from the UVA/UVB.  Secondly, this cc cream has medium coverage. I just add a little bit of concealer on to spots and under the eyes. The finish of this cc cream is just natural and glowy but not greasy glowy. So if you don't love to wear foundation or you love minimal makeup then this is for you. Also, I have to mention that is costs around 14 euros, which makes everything even better. 


Another Lumene product that I love is this eyebrow wax/gel. It is so trendy to have big and full eyebrows. I am not that big a fan of these big, fluffy and full eyebrow looks, but I still love to set mine in place and I just brush them a little bit upwards. I have used this eyebrow wax just over two months and it has become a must-have product in my routine. I use the coloured one but if you prefer the clear gel, then they have that on available as well. 



This Nyx eyeshadow palette (warm neutrals) is so cute and simple for everyday eye looks.  I use warm colours all the time, cause I have brown eyes and I think it looks good.  These colours are quite opaque.  I don't use an eyeshadow primer, but if you do then I pretty sure those colours will look more opaque and will stay all-day. 


This foundation is so many people's favourite because it is actually so nice. It has medium coverage, radiant finish, looks good on the skin and lasts for 6-8 hours. Also, it costs around 13€ and on sales, you can get it for 8€, so who doesn't love a bargain. I use shades nude and true beige or medium olive. Nude is for my natural winter pale skin and true beige or medium olive shades are for summer / when I use self-tan. I find this foundation to be moisturizing, at least it does not feel heavy on the skin. 


Again another Nyx product, this is the fourth one. This concealer is a go-to for every day. I don't find it to be full coverage, more like a medium. Also, this not as creamy and moisturizing, because it is not meant to be that. I don't even lie when I say that I have four or five of these in my makeup drawer. I like the colour selection as well and also, again it costs something like 8€. 




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