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Friday, April 9, 2021


Hi, Lovelies! Long time no reviews on the blog, so today's post is a collaboration with Heveren. They kindly sent me loads of Pulpe De Vie products to try out. Therefore I am sharing my honest opinion and the most important - I hope you enjoy this post!

Heveren has a sale going on right now as well, so check those products out!
Link for the website: here.



Glowy skin moisturizer has a light texture but it still hydrates enough and it is for all skin types. As the name says - glowy skin - it really leaves the skin glowing, a little bit shiny as well, but it is not oily looking. Fruit extracts help to lighten scars and even out discolouration. I tried it out for 4 weeks and in that time it did not give any breakouts and it did not irritate my skin. As we should use one skincare product for at least three months to see the results, I can not say anything about if it evened out my discolouration. Overall, it is a simple nice everyday moisturiser that looks good underneath makeup too.
Anti-fatigue glow eye care cream is from the same range and personally, did not felt any difference between the moisturiser and eye cream. Consistency and how they feel on the skin, it is almost the same. Eye cream is just a tiny bit creamier. Therefore I only use it in the mornings, because I like my eye cream to be thicker and more hydrating.



 This face cream is also for all skin types and claims to help with breakouts and texture. I really enjoy using this face cream just before doing my  makeup, because it leaves the skin feeling smooth. The   cream has a blurring effect, which makes sense why it is called "Skin blur". On the first try, I preferred the glow cream, but now I just like the blur cream more.



This serum is my favourite  product that I tried. It claims to do the   same as the moisturiser - to blur and smooth the skin. The serum is hydrating and  leaves the  skin super soft but matte looking. I enjoy using this combo and I know that will have a good makeup day when I use those two togehter. 

 One big shortage for both face creams is that they do not have SPF, but I just use a separate product to protect my skin from UVA and UVB. All the products smell fresh and fruity. Not the biggest fan of   fragrance in skin care but as those did not irritate my skin, then I do not mind the fragrance.



I have this love and hate relationship with foam cleaners because they tend to be quite drying. I was sceptical and I did not have any high hopes for this product. To prove me wrong, this Pulpe De Vie foam with tomato extract surprised me. It is light, hydrating and cleanses the skin well, no makeup residue left on the skin. It has quite a good ingredient list as well. Leaves the skin soft, fresh and not dry. Also, on the bottle, it says that it can be used more than 150 times. I only need one pump, more is not necessary. Overall, I like this foam - is it my favourite? - then no. 


Micellar jelly is something that I have used only a few times before and I did not stick with those, because micellar water is easier, less messy. This one is alright, nothing special to me. Took off makeup easily, leaving skin kind of moisturised. I use always a cleanser after removing my makeup anyway, so micellar makeup removers are just a first step in skincare. But if you prefer to use only micellar jelly/water may be in the mornings or in the evenings then find something that is not drying. Anyways, I use it, I do not hate it - so it is fine. Pulpe De Vie products are reasonably priced as well and I do not see a need for expensive makeup remover because it would not stay on the skin anyway.



I enjoy using hair masks and I try out loads. The reason is, that I think hair masks can transform hair texture if you find the good one. Pulpe Dr Vie melon 2in1 product is actually more like a conditioner. You can keep it on your hair for 10 minutes to give the hair some time to absorb the ingredients. This has jojoba and castor seed oils, which are super hydrating and good for the hair. This conditioner leaves my hair easily manageable and shiny, but I would prefer more hydration.



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